I don't blame you for clicking the 'Am I Legit' button.
I'd want to know too!  There are so many shady 'make money online' products out there.
SO...I've chosen to let you decide.  
Watch the videos and check out the screenshots below and that'll let you know if I'm legit.
What others are saying about the 0-$100K System: 
Matt and Joe over 6 figures
Kerri Over $1000 in 2 weeks!
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Russ and Katie 6 Figures
Brie $700 her first launch week
Natalie Freedom + Income
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Darlene Over $4,000
 Biology queen to now online queen
Homeschooling and running a business.
Julie paid off course in 2 months
If I knew someone...
More keep rolling in
Screen Shots of Sucess from the 0-$100K System: 
All of these people are making it happen.  It's your turn.  
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